Fairytale Comes to Life in These Dazzling Photos from the World’s Largest …

Benjamin Von Wong has always been known for his elaborate, fantasy-like photo shoots. However, recreating the fairy tales that he had grown up watching took time, patience, luck, and most of all, a lot of help. These jaw-dropping photographs are bound to generate the customary “Is this Photoshopped?” question. Yet as usual, Von Wong’s incredible scenes are all created in-camera, and he goes on to tell us how he pulled off a photo shoot 20 years in the making.

Some say Von Wong’s life is like a fairy tale. He travels the world to endless exotic destinations creating visually riveting photos, and always with a smile on his face. But it’s not all fun for a creative mind like Von Wong. A lot of persistence and planning goes into the art Von Wong creates, and more often than not, he is not financially compensated for his work. But as he told me, sometimes

Article source: https://fstoppers.com/originals/fairytale-comes-life-these-dazzling-photos-worlds-largest-monastic-library-51017

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