Faith shining through Quaker art

When people of a common faith stage an art show, will their faith be discernible in their art?

Well, we’re about to find out as Carroll College hosts a show featuring Quaker artists called “An Exhibition of the Quiet Faith.” The show runs from Jan. 26 to March 6.

When Carroll professor of art Ralph Esposito offered to host a Quaker show, we were encouraged to accept the offer by a Quaker artist in our Helena meeting.

Iloilo Jones is a lady of many talents, one of which has always been her art. Ilo has staged shows before, so she became the coxswain on the good ship Quaker, while the rest of us rowed enthusiastically.

The challenge suddenly became: Will there be enough art for a show? Word spread slowly through the Quaker faithful in the region, and gradually the Quakers realized what a rare opportunity this might be.

By early December, 13 artists had

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