Fashion films are the future!

Fashion is a form of art and like any other art form, it can’t exist in isolation. Today international fashion brands have combined fashion with the power of motion picture to add value to their products and also to enhance the brand’s character and personality. Feast your eyes on a two-minute documentary, which captures the birth of a tweed jacket and is later splashed across all the social media platforms garnering ‘hits’ and ‘likes’ overnight.

Secret Garden 2 — Versailles: Dior
Kalyani Saha Chawla, VP, Marketing, Christian Dior says, “Social media today has become one of the most widely used vehicles for all promotions. Bloggers are coveted by fashion houses and have followers on Pinterest and Instagram across borders and are the latest celebrities on the net. Dior was one of the first fashion houses to make a film with Marion Cottilard, our face of the Lady Dior bag, collaborating with

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