Field Mouse: Hold Still LifeHold Still Life (2014)

Hold Still Life is album that is cast in stone as one for the brokenhearted. It’s right up there with the collective of summer records that won’t be known (and subsequently, praised) for their optimism or upbeat tones, but, instead, for a steady stream of beautiful, bruised soul-searching elements glazed over with heavy (and I mean heavy) tones of melancholy. It’s charming, melodic and as their sophomore debut, it’s as fresh as they could have hoped for. Usually, bands like this, rely on a formula for churning out wispy, romantic and strikingly dark dream-pop but when it comes to Field Mouse, they’re consistently good at breaking the mold they’ve set themselves. This album is no different as it peddles an unrestrained and vivid degree of songwriting that’s full of mainstream charm yet very reminiscent of underground acts like Baby Ghosts, Tancred, Now,Now and of course, the more fiery Hop Along.

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