For murder victim’s husband, life is ’empty’ still

In Harold Wright’s home, almost everything is as it was the day his wife was murdered.

In Harold Wright’s life, it’s a different story.

Wright’s wife, Naomi, was shot to death March 23, 2012, during a holdup at the J.T. Tire Co. in Durham. Disabled since 2003, his eyesight too poor to drive, Wright, 64, spends his days at home amid reminders of his wife and bills he cannot pay.

“It’s about to drive me insane,” he said. “How much more can I take?”

Sheriff’s deputies charged O’Brian McNeil White, now 25, with Naomi Wright’s murder, as well as that of Abdelgadir Mergany Abdelganir, 32, a cab driver who was having a tire changed. Two other men were wounded and shop owner John Turner was injured when they were hit by the robber’s gun. The robber got away with about $3,000.

White remains in the Durham County Jail under a

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