Four young artists show up critics of Hong Kong culture

In prosperous Hong Kong, arts and culture are commodities, with institutions increasingly blurring the lines between retail spaces and galleries. Yet despite being the third largest auction market in the world, the city is lambasted, often and loudly, for its lack of sophistication and cultural vacuity. Therein lies the cultural paradox: its focus on big hits and big profits doesn’t always create fertile ground for homegrown talent.

However, The Review speaks with four young professionals – a musician, an actor, an artist and a poet – who exemplify a new creative scene quietly blossoming in the cracks of Hong Kong’s booming marketplace. Through perseverance and experimentation, these artists have asserted the strength of a fresh, genuine creative generation.

Subyub Lee: the musician

Lee was studying drama at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (APA) when his music mentor, Alan Wong Ngai-lun, sold one of his songs to Taiwanese singer Yoga

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