From street art to neat art: what made Helen Proctor give up the spray can for the paint brush?


It’s common for artists to change genres. You’ve got Fleetwood Mac who went from blues to rock, The Beastie Boys from punk to rap, and many more. For visual artists, this stylistic switcheroo is far less common.

Sydney based artist, Helen Proctor, is one creative who pulled it off. She started out doing street art as her alter ego, Syke, and then did a 180 turn and started focusing on landscape paintings. We’ve asked Helen about her journey as an artist, her inspirations and her plans for the future.

helen proctor happy mag

From street art to neat art: how did Helen Proctor say goodbye to the inner graffiti artist and embrace her low-poly landscapes?

HAPPY: Hi Helen, how are you today?

HELEN: I’m good, it’s been a chilled Sydney Sunday and I just

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