Galleries and artists link up to showcase East Anglia landscape

Art is about to invade some surprising areas of eastern England. Sites nominated by the public include the petrified stumps of a prehistoric forest, a half-built and abandoned oil terminal on Canvey Island and a derelict and never-occupied Tesco supermarket building in Cambridgeshire.

David Blandy, from Brighton, one of 10 artists chosen for the New Geographies project, will soon be setting out to film the marshes, windswept shores, caravan parks and post-industrial landscapes of Canvey Island, where he proposes to link up with local gamers to create a new fantasy game based on local wildlife.

“It’s going to be a sort of post-apocalyptic scenario, where you are faced with rebuilding humanity from scratch in a quite hostile environment, where some of the flora and wildlife have developed some really quite nasty tendencies,” he says.

Blandy plans to leave behind a new bird-watching shelter, which will also contain

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