German neo-expressionism debuts in China

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More than 30 years after Chinese modern artists were exposed to German neo-expressionism paintings, they are finally making their debut in the country.

“Chinese art circles have been expecting this exhibition for more than 30 years. This exhibition is unprecedented in terms of quality and quantity,” says Huang Mei, co-curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition Exhaustion presents 33 pieces of representative German neo-expressionist paintings, along with works by Chinese emerging artists who have been influenced by German neo-expressionism.

“This is a dialogue between German and Chinese artists, as well as between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art,” Huang says.

A reaction against minimalist modern art in the 1970s, neo-expressionism is known for its vitalization of painting through strong colors and individual expression.

Although it has been a major influence on Chinese modern art since the 1980s, no proper exhibition has been hosted in China before.

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