Golf still big part of life for Eddie Rack at 100

It would be unimaginable now for a 6-year-old to caddie, but that’s how Eddie Rack got involved in golf.

He was the son of a coal miner, so there wasn’t much money to go around while he was growing up. He had to work, even at 6.

His job as a caddie started a lifelong journey in golf for Rack, who turned 100 June 12. He has beaten legendary golfer Arnold Palmer in an amateur tournament and owned two golf courses in an era when courses were failing all across the country.

From 6 to 100 — Rack has been involved in golf longer than most people have been alive.

“He wasn’t a big guy, either,” said one of his granddaughters, Lynne Kuehner. “He was a little kid and the caddie master kept telling him that he was too little, but he carried the bags anyway. He didn’t have a choice, he had to

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