Gumshoe Expressionism in ‘Murder, My Sweet’

Director: Edward Dmytryk
Cast: Dick Powell, Claire Trevor

US DVD: 15 Sep 2015


I was spending a hot day with a cold gin when she walked into my office and raised the temperature. The way her long blonde locks swung in front of her face, I thought she’d set her hair ablaze when she lit her cigarette, but she knew how to light a match.

“I’ve got a case, Shamus,” she said between smoke rings.
“Me too,” I said, pouring another slug. “Want to compare symptoms?”

“Say, you’re sharp enough to slice a grapefruit, but let’s talk shop, shall we? It’s murder, my sweet.”

“You mean Farewell, My Lovely,” I corrected.

“Now you’re cooking with gas. That’s the original Raymond Chandler novel, one of his Philip Marlowe stories. It was made into a movie by that name with Robert Mitchum in 1975,

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