Haiku Reviews: From Atmospheric Abstractions To Semi-Operas (PHOTOS …

  • If any discipline characterizes the modern era – and the post-modern as well – it is collage. The art of material, and formal, compilation, manipulating juxtaposition and segue, indeed mirrors the increasingly fractured dynamic of life over the last century. Collage proves amenable to figuration and abstraction alike, but in particular supports various non-objective practice. At the same time, it permits, even encourages physical intimacy, emphasizing sensous surface and readily revealing the artist’s labor. E. A. Carmean’s assembly of two-dimensional assemblage, called “Painterly Pasted Pictures,” focused on the painterliness of collage practice among American artists of the postwar era; the selection grounded itself in abstract expressionism, even finding the raw edge of Frank Stella and Ellsworth Kelly, and Joseph Cornell’s was the only recognizable imagery included. The inclusion of the other anomalies, Susan Roth – a generation (or two) younger than everyone else – and Kurt Schwitters – the only

    Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/12/haiku-reviews-for-may-and-june_n_3421655.html?utm_hp_ref=arts

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