Hay Festival 2013: day four, as it happened


17.00 That’s it from the live blog today – you’ll be able to hear all
about the range of events and speakers tonight in the continued blog
tomorrow, when the esteemed James Lachno takes the reins once again.

This evening there are talks from Edna O’Brien, Giles Coren and Hari Kunzru
and entertainment from Safraz Manzoor and Chrysta Bell, as part of a
collaboration with David Lynch. It’s a fine way to kick off a Bank Holiday

16.52 Louise swooping in with a final update for today:

(Clara Moulden)

Daniel Dennett, the philosopher, has called for more pictures in books.

The famously deep thinker said simple language and diagrams can help to
explain complicated ideas.

“Some philosophers think if you write in a bit of a lighter vein and
put in a diagram you are not serious.

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/hay-festival/10075440/Hay-Festival-2013-day-four-as-it-happened.html

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