How the arts have changed in just 100 years

Nothing like a little perspective to cap off another year.

Long, long, long before Miley and “Gravity,” Beyoncé and “Iron Man,” “Breaking Bad,” “NCIS,” and “Homeland,” Dan Brown bestsellers and other cultural touchstones that we could not escape in 2013, the cultural moments of 1913 were just a bit quieter.

One of that year’s biggest busts wasn’t a movie or book or other form of entertainment, but rather an invention that promised an improvement on the still-new “talking picture.” Alas the Kinetophone, from the Edison Film Company, had a short life, never quite able to make a feature-length quality sound film and never quite able to replace the still-popular silent movies of the day.

One film of the day that did make history was called “Arizona.” It took six different reels to capture it all, but director Lawrence B. McGill’s movie is regarded as the first feature-length western.

As for the idea of

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