How the Impressionists ‘were fundamental to helping us see differently’

Part of the show is devoted to the emergence of the movement and the lightening of the palette. The sky and the water are two recurring themes in Impressionist works. “You can see the colours lift, the horizon lines are very low,” says Storer. “It’s a skies room, basically.”

Another is devoted to the greens and the blues, the landscapes, which represents the high point of Impressionism. The artists’ love of full sunshine meant landscapes were favoured locations. “They were also trying to show what they can do – [with] water and sky but also snow. How do you capture that? How you sit outside all day to capture that?” asks Storer. “You can feel the wind zipping, the choppiness of the water.”

The show includes works from the late stages of Impressionism, the rose and violet canvases,

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