Huddleston book captures the eternal in everyday landscapes


ADDISON COUNTY — Weybridge photographer John Huddleston has released a book of compelling images that capture the quiet grandeur of the Champlain Valley’s landscape. “Healing Ground: Walking the Farms of Vermont” features more than 60 photos that illuminate what is unique in ordinary things, and what is beautiful in the places that we drive past without noticing.

“They are everyday things, not idealized images of Vermont, not sunsets,” Huddleston said.

As a reviewer said on the book jacket, “Huddleston records agricultural cycles of life and death and the seasonal transformations of the fields with democratic attention.” Some of the photos, like tractor tracks on a freshly manured field or a lonely gravel road with Bristol Notch outlined in the distance, thoughtfully frame a quotidian scene.

Others, sounding a note from the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy, show shaped or sculpted features set in the landscape.


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