Hungry eyes feast on the Colours of Impressionism

While the powers of colour and celebrity are strong in these Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay, the exhibition demands that we view the works individually, on their own terms, writes John Neylon.

In a celebrity-driven art world, a self portrait, channelling an early 20th century Australian artist (George Lambert) and a New Zealand Prime Minister (Jacinda Ardern) wins this year’s Archibald Prize.

Good luck to Yvette Coppersmith for catching the The Board of Trustees (AGNSW) collective eye but confusion in the ranks for progressive artists and viewing public who may have been led to think, as ex-Director AGNSW Edmund Capon once remarked, that contemporary portraiture was all about challenging rather than confirming its traditions.

However, it was some comfort to see that ‘common folk’, including lots of artist as selfies, have insinuated themselves into a line-up once the preserve of celebrity actors, sports stars, and eminent figures from industry, politics, science and so forth.


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