‘I Am the Central Victim’: Art Dealer Ann Freedman on Selling $63 Million in …

“I am as shocked as everybody, more shocked, as I am the central victim,” Ann Freedman, the gallerist at the center of an $80 million art forgery scandal, told me earlier this month. “Fifteen years. In my head, these paintings have been right up until five days ago. Horrible.”

Over the course of most of those fifteen years, Freedman had put all of her influence and credibility as the president of Knoedler Company, until recently one of New York’s oldest and most respected art galleries, behind what she believed to be a treasure trove of newly discovered modern art by the biggest names in Abstract Expressionism. In May, federal authorities announced that the paintings — 63 in all — were fakes and charged Glafira Rosales, the obscure art dealer who supplied Knoedler and at least one other gallery with the paintings, with tax evasion. Earlier this month (five days before

Article source: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2013/08/exclusive-interview-with-ann-freedman.html

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