If You Need to Restore Your Faith in New York City, Attend the Pride Parade

On Saturday night I was in Williamsburg attending the monthly comedy show Good For You at Cantina Royal. The Empire State building was ablaze in all the colors of the rainbow and could be seen from the dark restaurant on North 3rd street. Comedian Sam Morril was on the stage discussing the need for gays to have their own branded fare. “No one can be bigoted when they’re eating food,” he said. “That’s why the gays need a cuisine. Then we can all say ‘Let’s just stay in tonight and have some gay.'”

The audience laughed with the newfound energy that had been pulsing through all of New York since DOMA was repealed by the Supreme Court last week. Most of us
would be walking in the next day’s annual Pride Parade with our places of work or with our friends. Morril’s joke might not have gone over in another

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sarah-shanfield/nyc-pride-parade_b_3528930.html

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