I’m no longer the target Hollywood audience

After a long, brutal week, my wife and I took refuge in the dark cool of a movie theatre. We went to see Pacific Rim, the summer blockbuster that cost roughly a quarter of a billion dollars and was directed by Mexican superstar Guillermo del Toro. We wanted to switch our brains off and have something produced by industry elites wash right through us, thus cleansing us of our lives for an hour or two.

We sat in the third row of this Imax 3D spectacle and it was the most concussive, punishing movie experience I’ve ever had. We were so close to the screen that we couldn’t actually see the screen, and appreciating the movie was more of a physical challenge than an esthetic one. Like some sort of furious cyclone of sound, colour and velocity, Pacific Rim was a living, evolving piece of abstract expressionism that came screaming out

Article source: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/opinion/op-ed/longer+target+Hollywood+audience/8860465/story.html

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