‘Impressionism’ >> Starring Monet, Manet And Especially You

Chicago’s Art Institute is featuring an international French Impressionism exhibit this month. Tens of thousand of visitors will see the works of the French greats from the late 19th C, but they will miss your works [mine too for that matter]. This is because you and I haven’t created any masterpieces. And yet, are you and I not masters of impressionism every day….?

By impressionism here I mean the way we consistently see and express our world the only way we know how — according to our own very personal impressions of it. Say the thousand different ways the fans in the stands will recount that last big hockey or football score. Admit it, my fellow impressionists, reality exists behind the eyes!

If you don’t care to take my opinion I can understand. But what about Plato? Yeah, that Plato of ancient Greek renown. His “cave tale” was one of the first

Article source: http://www.chicagonow.com/taking-a-second-look/2013/07/impressionism-starring-monet-manet-and-especially-you/

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