Inking out a living: Tattoo artist brings color to Langley businesses

For Eric Tunnell, tattoos read like a person’s life journey. They are a meaningful moment or experience important enough for a person to have as a permanent guide.

“I don’t think anything in life is meaningless,” he said. “Tattoos bring that to surface.”

Tunnell, 41, is the owner of Dig it! Tattoo. He opened the shop in Langley more than a year ago and is finding success in the community.

Tunnell worked out of his home on Maxwelton Road for 12 years before he decided to take it to the next level. He’s never been a fan of big tattoo shops, but he finds running his own has been enjoyable.

“So far it’s a good venture,” he said. “I’ve been received well by the community and I am grateful for that.”

His is the only tattoo shop on the South

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