‘Inside’ a work of art: A review of the exhibition The Drifting Canvas

Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky lived a life that was nothing short of epic in itself. Born in Russia, Kandinsky ended up teaching in Germany during the rise of the Nazis and eventually settled in France as a citizen. As a pioneer of abstraction, Kandinsky has grown in reputation since his death. In keeping with his travels and his journey, his work would be littered across Europe; but it’s a trip not many, regardless of their interest in his art, can undertake. The Drifting Canvas, a multimedia exposition that brings together around 2,000 works of 11 European artists, seeks to address this very problem.

Spanning more than 800 sq metres of carpet space in the Pavilion of Select Citywalk, with more than 20 giant high definition screens, The Drifting Canvas is an immersive audio visual treat, that takes you quite literally ‘into’ the works of Europe’s most famous

Article source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/art-and-culture/inside-a-work-of-art-a-review-of-the-exhibition-the-drifting-canvas/story-QJA42Ben4RqT4WN1RLDwTL.html

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