Interactive concepts: Berkeley artist Sonya Rapoport

Sonya Rapoport at her home studio June 19.

Sonya Rapoport, 89, at her home studio in Berkeley. Photo: Julia Hannafin

Sonya Rapoport has something odd in her home art studio in Berkeley’s Claremont neighborhood: a turntable underneath the floor. Her 1904 house was remodeled in 1916 to include a turntable in the garage. It’s a detail that holds great significance for Rapoport.

“The ‘kiva’ is a prayer place,” she explained. “A ceremonial building among the pueblos, where the American Indians lived. I did a long piece comparing my prayer place, which is my studio, with the kiva, which is the American Indian prayer place. I have lots of parallels. Like, my mascot was my cat, which I used to bring in, and theirs was a parrot. My tools were brushes; their tools were knives. Anyway, they have a hole in the kiva, and

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