Jai, ho!: Artist Jai Abu Hassan romances the landscape with his latest exhibition

TO bask in the lovely complexities of natural opulence, to grip that paintbrush and paint nature in congruence of light and shadow which melt into each other must be one of the high points of any artist’s existence.

Jai Abu Hassan has done just that, his latest solo show Siang Malam (Day and Night) is a flurry of wild energy, the unbridled spirits of the “torrents”.

The artist postulates: “This new body of work challenges the conventional notions of looking at picturesque landscapes by subtly incorporating symbolic subject matters as a device to divert generalised perceptions of external beauty. Siang Malam aims to project the transient landscapes in my mind, altered by metaphorical elements to add new meaning. At times it feels truly necessary to detach myself for a moment from the heavy burden of socio-realism and the mass of political cliches by which we are continuously deluded.”

Jai has

Article source: http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/10/184501/jai-ho-artist-jai-abu-hassan-romances-landscape-his-latest-exhibition

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