Jane Freilicher and Jane Wilson Painted the Hamptons Before They Were Cool

jane and jane
jane and jane

Jane Freilicher and Jane Wilson, Water Mill, New York, 1962

Photo: John Jonas Gruen

In 1924, two girls named Jane were born thousands of miles apart. One, Jane Wilson, grew up on a farm near Seymour, Iowa. The other, Jane Freilicher, grew up in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Both went on to study painting, Freilicher at Brooklyn College, and later in classes with Hans Hoffman; Wilson at the University of Iowa, with Philip Guston. Both settled in New York, dabbled in Abstract Expressionism, the rage among mid-century painters, and eventually abandoned that discipline in favor of less fashionable landscapes, portraiture, and still lifes. Last year, they died within six weeks of each other, each leaving behind one daughter. And, though neither ever quite

Article source: http://www.vogue.com/13366811/jane-freilicher-jane-wilson-parrish-art-museum/

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