Japanese Artist Plants Colorful Flower Landscapes to Explore Nature’s Cycle of Life and Death

Flower Art Installation Azuma Makoto Japanese Artist

Japanese artist Azuma Makoto explores the lifecycle of flowers with two incredible botanical sculptures exhibited at the Oi Futuro museum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The symbolic work evokes the Buddhist value of contemplating life and death. Viewers are encouraged to reflect on the transience of all living things, as the colorful flowers slowly decay over time. Makoto believes that “we learn from an early age to avoid seeing, touching and feeling the death and decomposition of any living being.” As such, his art installations present a rare opportunity to experience it all.

The first piece in the project, entitled Gaibu-Outside, is composed of neatly cut flowers situated outside the museum. Initially, the installation looks like a gigantic woven rug, with each flower carefully positioned to overlap with those

Article source: http://mymodernmet.com/japanese-flower-art-azuma-makoto/

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