John Bellany

He also drew on the local myth and superstition of his closed fishing
community. He remembered being ticked off for whistling at sea, for fear of
whistling up a storm, and was haunted as a child by the nearby Eyemouth
windstorm disaster that killed 200 fishermen, leaving a whole community
without men. Death and the deep accompanied Bellany everywhere .

Although his paintings are known to reflect his personal story, Bellany’s
monumental painting style was grounded firmly in the European Old Master
tradition. This, however, was always given a local or modern twist, notably
in works such as Love Song: Homage to Titian (1991), which portrays Venus as
a tenacious fishwife and Cupid as a faltering Scottish knight.

John Bellany was born at Port Seton on June 18 1942; both his father and

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