John Stezaker curates fresh look at Paul Nash’s Uncanny …

PAUL Nash’s Winter Sea, first created in 1925 and later re-worked in 1937, is among York Art Gallery’s most popular works.

Now it has its place at the heart of Paul Nash and the Uncanny Landscape, a new exhibition curated by fellow artist John Stezaker that turns the spotlight on Nash’s ground-breaking inter-war landscapes and the work of his contemporaries that together transformed British landscape painting.

Stanley Spencer, John Nash, Edward Burra, William Townsend, Henry Lamb, Sydney Carline, Tristram Hillier and Cecil Collins all feature. On show too are a display of photographic collage artist Stezaker’s landscape works, including new pieces created in response to Nash’s approach to the uncanny landscape, and a loaned private collection of rarely seen Nash prints, drawings, photographs and ephemera: 50 works and artefacts that give a unique insight into the life of Paul Nash and his artist brother John.

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