Kalamazoo Institute of Arts highlights the paintings of Michigan native …

KALAMAZOO, MICH.- Through September 15, The Kalamazoo Institute of Arts is highlighting the artwork of Michigan native Catherine Hinkle, an artist ahead of her time. The exhibition A Precious Artistic Moment: Paintings by Catherine Hinkle showcases paintings that are abstract “color experiences.” Hinkle’s colorful artwork was on the cutting edge of abstract art in the 1950s, exploring the spiritual aspects of non-objective art.

“Catherine Hinkle’s artistic career was cut short when she died at age 48,” said Vicki C. Wright, KIA director of collections and exhibitions and curator of the exhibition. “Her work has not received the critical acclaim it deserves. Hinkle was an artist with an exceptional sense of color and design, a confident aesthetic vision, and strong ties to Southwest Michigan.

Article source: http://www.artdaily.org/index.asp?int_sec=11&int_new=64475

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