Kansas Focus Gallery celebrating Kansas artists opens at Nerman Museum

A new gallery dedicated to artists with Kansas ties opens this week at Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, and there’s not a sunflower or dilapidated barn in sight.

Instead, the inaugural exhibition in the Kansas Focus Gallery — a glass-fronted jewel with soaring white walls inside the atrium — presents dilapidation of a more menacing sort.

“The City” by Lori Nix, who was raised in Norton, Kan., and is now based in Brooklyn, depicts a post-apocalyptic world from which humans have vanished. The viewer is left to imagine what caused the catastrophic damage to the interiors of a library, an art museum, a violin repair shop, a Chinese takeout restaurant.

Though the places are decidedly urban, the destruction and chaos are informed by Nix’s childhood in Kansas. The atmospheric violence always lurking on the high plains imbued Nix with a sense of danger and adventure visible

Article source: http://www.kansascity.com/entertainment/visual-arts/article57091818.html

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