Kate Moss Inspires Gary Hume, Caulfield Heads to the Bar

Gary Hume once told me that he was a
caveman — stuck in his cavern, attempting to paint the world
outside. It was a neat way of saying that the problems of
painting haven’t really changed much in 40,000 years.

Just as in the days of Lascaux, it’s still a matter of
making a flat image, with pigments, of a wide and complicated
world. The trick is to find a way that feels fresh.

Hume does that, and so too did the late Patrick Caulfield
(1936-2005), an artist from an earlier generation whose work, it
turns out, has a good deal in common with Hume’s.

They’re currently being shown side by side in twin
exhibitions at Tate Britain (through Sept 1). It’s an exercise
in compare-and-contrast from which both emerge looking good.

Hume is weathering the difficult mid-career years well;Article source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-07-07/kate-moss-inspires-gary-hume-caulfield-heads-to-the-bar.html

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