Keep Your Eye on the Wall: Palestinian Landscapes


The Israeli Separation Wall, snaking alongside and within the West Bank border, presents layers of friction, both physical and symbolic. The wall has become the structure that solidifies the entrapment, oppression, control, surveillance, ongoing land grab and physical dominance that the Israelis have placed onto Palestinians.  The Wall has been an eternal source of frustration and many artists, writers and politicians have come to voice their aversion and anger towards it. The discussion on the wall, which began before the laying of the first brick more than ten years ago, has become a global one; it is not only Palestinians and Israelis who have voiced reactions, but artists, documentarians and writers from around the world.

The wall itself has become what some uncomfortably refer to as a ‘canvas’

By now, many books have been produced analyzing the wall visually, politically and metaphorically. To name a few, there are William Parry’s

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