KENT: The play’s the thing, especially In court

So, there I was as the warm weather blew in, black planner in hand (I’m a bit “old-school”), scrolling through Rapid City’s entertainment events trying to decide which were worthwhile.

The U.S. Marine Corps Band of New Orleans in May? A given for a former Marine. “Nana’s Naughty Knickers” in June? Hmm, what would my late Irish Nana think? Dave Chappelle in June? Got to be! The man is back and in town.

July. What-to-do, what-to-do? Oh, right. There’s that special performance of “The Civic Center Hockey Game Beer Spilling Trial.” Mark that down as a definite “can’t miss.” Two shows only for this limited run production. No road-trip planned and sure to draw a crowd. Not quite in the style of “12 Angry Men” or even “A Few Good Men” for that matter. Closer, perhaps, to “The Wrong Man” — a Hitchcock classic where an innocent Joe’s mistaken for a criminal. Now

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