Kiwi hitting the big time

Designer has success on epic sets, says Barney McDonald

Kiwi Phil Ivey with director Neill Blomkamp on the set of hit film 'Elysium'. Photo / Stephanie Blomkamp

Back in the mid-2000s I bumped into Elysium production designer Philip Ivey in Dunedin.

We knew each other from Auckland and both had some time to spare, so he drove me out to the location where they were filming Out of the Blue, just a few minutes’ drive from Aramoana, where David Gray massacred 13 people in 1990. It was a surreal place to visit, especially when a retired couple with their dog strolled past, completely unfazed by this recreation of a very dark day in New Zealand’s history.

For Ivey, too, it was just another day at the office; simply a new chapter in a burgeoning career that began in the mid-1990s working in the art department of Xena: Warrior Princess.

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