L. Kent Wolgamott: David Sebberson combines landscape and minimalism in …

In “Glimpsed Space; Forgotten Place,” David Sebberson looks at the Great Plains through a minimalist lens, adding geometric abstraction and concise simple forms to Plains landscape.

He does so in paintings and sculpture that have clear antecedents in the work of Agnes Martin and Robert Ryman, Anne Truitt, and, whether or not Sebberson is familiar with his paintings, Keith Jacobshagen.

A native of Oakland, Sebberson worked at the World Bank in the 1980s before becoming an English professor at Minnesota’s St. Cloud State. Having painted as a young man, Sebberson began formally studying art in 1997 and is now the chair of the St. Cloud State art department.

“Glimpsed Space; Forgotten Place” uses the Great Plains, where Sebberson grew up, as its subject matter and intends to be reflection in the fading away of the region. But the drama and innovation in the work enlivens the Plains views, conferring vitality on the wide-open

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