Lathrup artist wins competition

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Kudos to Henry Heading of Lathrup Village, winner of the 2013 regional MI Great Artist contest, a quality of life initiative of Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson and Park West Gallery founder and CEO Albert Scaglione. Heading’s bold colors and designs in oils and acrylics gave him an edge over other competitors. His primary focus is realism, but he also creates abstract pieces.

“That kind of breaks up the monotony when I’m doing realism. I need something to switch back and forth to,” said Heading, whose paintings include unique handmade wooden frames.

“I thought I needed something more than 2-dimensional. I wanted to extend the painting into the frame,” he said.

One of Heading’s oil paintings shows a woman in a green dress, her right arm extended. Her hand, grasping a purse, is shown on the

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