Lee Fields’ Expressionism Movement

Most musicians don’t seem to age very well. Yet, Lee Fields is aging like velvety red wine — there is indeed something funky about the robust North Carolina native.

At Lee Fields the Expressions‘ Nov. 30 Belly Up show, you will hear raspy and soulful vocals backed by ’70s gospel funk. Fields’ sound is quickly and often compared to James Brown, earning him the nickname “Little J.B.”

It wasn’t always this way though: Fields released his first single back in 1969 after he moved to New York at the age of 17. However, it wasn’t until 40 years later that Fields began to reach his musical peak. In 2009, he and his backing band, the Expressions, released their first album together entitled “My World.” Now, at the age 65, Fields drinks from the fountain of youth with a fan base larger (and younger) than it ever

Article source: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/blogs/sounddiego/Lee-Fields-and-The-Expressions-403593126.html

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