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Raoul Hausmann, Dadasoph. From Berlin to Limoges
Rochechouart Museum of Contemporary Art celebrates Dada’s 100th anniversary with an exhibition on the work of Raoul Hausmann. This is the first time since 1994 retrospective that an exhibition on this scale has been devoted to him. Works on display have been selected from the Rochechouart Museum of Contemporary Art’s Hausmann collection, a collection of over 700 works plus thousands of personal documents that are the accumulated fruits of Hausmann’s production during his years of exile and subsequent settlement in France. Together, the pieces provide a unique portrait of the man who claimed the title of “Dadasoph.” They illustrate the broad diversity of art forms and in particular the experimental aftermath of Dada.

Raoul Hausmann was born in Vienna in 1886. His father was a painter in the academic style of the day. By 1900 the whole family had moved to Berlin where

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