Lichtenstein’s New York Girls Join Paris Recluse at Pompidou

Will France’s obsession with
“l’exception culturelle” derail the forthcoming negotiations
about a free-trade agreement between the U.S. and the European

Although the two exhibitions at the Pompidou Center in
Paris don’t directly address that question, they give a pretty
good idea of how much the U.S. and the French approaches to art
can differ.

It’s like Hollywood versus cinema d’auteur.

The two shows feature artists Roy Lichtenstein and Simon
Hantai. The Lichtenstein exhibition is the last leg of a world
tour that started in May 2012 at Chicago’s Art Institute and
also included stops in Washington and London.

Those who have seen the show in Chicago will be surprised
to learn that, in crossing the Atlantic, it has shrunk by almost
a third, from 170 works to 120.

Have the French curators gotten cold feet at the prospect
of trotting out the old warhorse again?

Lichtenstein’s (1923-97) fame rests

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