Life After AB: Former execs still brewing

Saturday marks the five-year anniversary of InBev reaching a deal to buy Anheuser-Busch. In that time, much has changed at the iconic brewer.

Nearly all the old leadership is gone; now the top bosses are in Brazil or Belgium or New York. Budweiser is flying off shelves in Sao Paolo, but not so much in St. Paul. TV ads are more sophisticated, less sophomoric. Bud Light Platinum and Black Crown are the new big thing.

But in St. Louis, maybe the biggest change is simply this: Thousands of people who used to go to work at A-B every day no longer do.

Some chose to leave, with a buyout or nice stock bump. Some left with a pink slip. Either way, they left the world’s largest brewer at an unusually fertile moment in the business, a time when thousands of craft brewers across the U.S.

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