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Linda Sosangelis is a classical figurative and still life painter, whose work is inspired by the Old Masters and 19th century academic narratives. Her enduring interest in detailed realism and 19th century Orientalism began at a young age.


Art by Linda Sosangelis

Born in Manhattan, NY, she began developing her artistic skills and personal aesthetic by visiting numerous museums and drawing master studies of classical paintings. After high school, Linda began her formal art training as an Illustration major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She then shifted her focus to fine art painting with additional study at the renowned Studio Incamminati.

Linda bases her work on the return to those standards which demand the knowledge of composition, perspective, color, three-dimensional form, draftsmanship, and anatomy.

Article source: http://www.verdenews.com/news/2017/nov/13/life-and-still-life/

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