"Lifelike" exhibit showcases realistic but unconventional pieces

Ding! goes a set of tiny elevators carved into a wall. The doors open.

A curious little girl asks, “Do they really work?”

“They don’t go anywhere. They just look realistic,” replies her father.

The set of tiny elevators is one of 75 works of contemporary art that the Blanton Museum of Art is showcasing in its new exhibit, “Lifelike,” from June 23 to Sept. 22, organized by the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

The wide range of media, coming from a diverse group of multigenerational and international artists, in the exhibit includes paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and videos the 1960s to present time. The exhibit is split up into five themes: Common Objects, The Uncanny, Realism into Abstraction, Handmade Sleight of Hand and Special Effects: The Real as Spectacle.

Under the Common Objects theme, artists from the 1960s and 1970s take ordinary objects and details from everyday life and accentuate them for viewers by

Article source: http://www.dailytexanonline.com/life-and-arts/2013/07/16/lifelike-exhibit-showcases-realistic-but-unconventional-pieces

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