Ludvigsen at the Shore

Consider this painting, which I think is a very good painting. It is by British artist and scientist Malcolm Ludvigsen:


Malcolm Ludvigsen, Bridlington, Dec 11, 2012, oil on canvas, 24″x30″

What makes this one good?

Let me explain in a roundabout way. I was raised on classical music. My best friend used to be a rock critic. He would weep bitter tears because my ignorance of the music prevented me from appreciating the brilliance of Lester Bangs. I couldn’t tell the Ramones from the Replacements.

Years later, I got my revenge. He got into classical music. At first, it seemed to him like a huge, sissified, undifferentiated mass. But he studied, until he could hear the difference between broad groupings like classical and baroque. And then between individual composers of a single style. And then between pieces by individual composers, and finally between performances of pieces. Now he knows

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