Mabula a man with an eye for art, worships the eye

On reaching his place of residence in Gaborone’s Phase II, Mabula emerged with half finished art pieces that he states are for an upcoming exhibition. He however, could not be drawn into discussing more saying all would be revealed with time. Among the works is an unfinished piece that has a little girl with an afro smiling and looking into the sky. Next to the smiling little girl is a laughing donkey drawn with pencil.

On talking to Arts Culture and being asked why the use of a donkey, Mabula replied with a “why not a donkey? “. He said that just like any other animals, donkeys deserve to be given some recognition. He said that it is high time people changed their perception about donkeys because they are equally good animals like the rest.Talking about his line of work, Mabula revealed that he worships the sense of sight

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