Making people whole again

Capitol Hill’s Dark Age Tattoo artist Eric Eye has been practicing conventional tattooing for nearly 30 years, but in the last few years he’s made a mark in the world of restorative cosmetic tattooing.

Restorative tattooing is most often performed on breast cancer patients who have had mastectomies, during which the surgeon removes the nipple-areolar complex. The goal of the restorative-tattooing process is to create a realistic-looking 2D nipple and areola.

It’s Eye’s talent for realism and textural tattooing that has allowed him to become successful in this area.

Nowadays, he sees a few clients for restorative tattoos every week, and not all of them want anatomically accurate nipples; some ask for floral illustrations or other unique designs to adorn their chests.

Eye also does restorative work with the transgender community.

“There are often scarring issues that trans people want minimized or covered,” he said, with regard to gender

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