McNay Museum Wants You To Say "Oui" To Wednesdays

The McNay Museum makes an interesting move—It’s called “Oui Wednesdays”–oui being the French word for yes. Kate Carey is McNay’s Education Director.

“Oui Wednesday is a new program that we initiated this fall. Oui Wednesday is the umbrella program, but then there are several smaller programs that fit within that.”

The over-arching idea is for museum visitors to get a more intimate experience with the current French Impressionist paintings exhibit organized by the National Gallery. To do so they’ve created thematic programs. Carey explained them to me.

“For example ‘Passport to Paris,’ which is kind of imagining your Parisian vacation. The first one was really kind of a language lesson,” she explained. “So we had a fluent French speaker come and talk about some of those essential phrases that you need if you’re going abroad. And the next one is documenting your Parisian vacation.”

Essentially, how to both live in the moment and document

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