Meet Jason Kingsley, a successful British gaming CEO who’s also a practising knight and lives by a ‘Chivalric Code’

jason kingsley rebellion knight smallKasumiJason Kingsley, in full battle array.

For most CEOs, their duties are simple. Build great products. Grow customer base. Maximise value for shareholders.

But Jason Kingsley isn’t like most CEOs. As he sits at the helm of Rebellion, a successful British gaming company, he ensures his actions are guided by a medieval Chivralric Code of conduct.

“Be a good person. Be brave. Try and protect the weak. Try and be honourable, and do more good than evil,” he told Business Insider in an interview at the company’s Oxford HQ. “It doesn’t mean be a goody-two-shoes…the Chivalric Code requires you to be a fighter. You’re basically a bloke who could kill people with swords or lances or axes or maces.”

It’s an unusual choice of language. But it makes a great deal more sense when you discover that in

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