Mike Stilkey’s book sculptures: Painting visual narratives over the written word

Today’s young techie generation can scoff all they want. But there’s nothing more charming than holding a good old, hardbound book (the older, the better), sniffing its crisp pages, and turning each page as the story unfolds.

Swiping electronic images projected on a tablet’s screen can never parallel that experience.

“The book is dying,” said Mike Stilkey, a Los Angeles-based artist who recently came here to install his 24-foot-high book sculpture in Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street.

The sculpture, entitled “Discarded Romance,” reaches to the ceiling and consists of thousands of discarded books.

“I prefer my books over iPads like I prefer my records over mp3s. It’s not the same,” said Stilkey, a self-taught artist, who started doodling portraits over old books in 2004.

“I’d go to a thrift store and look for things that wasn’t particularly white. I had this fear of drawing on anything that’s white like a

Article source: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/313113/lifestyle/design/mike-stilkey-s-book-sculptures-painting-visual-narratives-over-the-written-word

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