Modern art IS rubbish: Chinese artist attacks country’s environmental record …

Katie Davies

11:39 EST, 24 March 2013


11:39 EST, 24 March 2013

They appear to be ancient Chinese mountains covered in mist and greenery and shrouded with mystery, but look again and you’ll see they’re actually heaps of rubbish. 

Yao Lu, an award-winning artist and photographer, hopes to draw attention to China’s ecological indifference in his work.

The collection entitled ‘New Landscapes’ see him digitally remastering photographs of piles of trash to look like stunning rural landscapes.

The artist, who exhibits at New York’s Bruce Silverstein Gallery, is using his work to comment on his country’s treatment of rural land.

‘Lying somewhere between painting and photography, between the past and the present, Yao Lu’s work speaks of the radical mutations affecting nature in China as it is subjected to rampant urbanization and the ecological threats that endanger the environment,’ the gallery says.

His work has

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